Take Stock

: to carefully think about something in order to make a decision about what to do next    

:to assess a situation and formulate a plan


Forge Ahead

: to move steadily forward.  Continue making progress towards a goal.

We are your financial experts throughout the divorce process supporting you and your attorney and/or mediator by:

Gather Your Information

With all the tedious financial tasks and details, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Developing accurate and complete information about your financial situation is absolutely critical to negotiating an equitable settlement. We work with you to identify and collect the financial data pertinent to the dissolution of your marriage. 

Budgeting & Cash Flow Analysis

Budgeting and cash flow analysis are the pillars that create a solid foundation for financial stability. We provide a comprehensive analysis of your pre-divorce lifestyle, including cash flow and net worth statement. 

Analysis of Settlement Options

Dividing assets is not as simple as dividing everything by two. Because all assets are not equal, it is essential that you understand the financial issues and tax considerations of proposed settlements. We help you think through critical issues and explore the pros and cons of all your options. Our analysis will give you the confidence to make informed decisions.

Implement Divorce Agreement

Once the negotiations are completed and the divorce agreement is finalized it is critical to implement what has been agreed to.  There are often many financial forms and documents that must be completed and submitted to multiple entities.  We are able to navigate the financial industry jargon, complete the forms required for you to receive what is yours.   

Post Divorce Financial Plan

You're next chapter has started, we're here to help you.  We understand your new financial picture.  We work with you to define your updated goals and develop a plan for you to achieve those goals. 

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