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: to carefully think about something in order to make a decision about what to do next. 

: to assess a situation and formulate a plan.


: to move steadily forward toward. Continue making progress towards a goal.


Divorce Financial Planning - the intersection of expert financial analysis, financial planning and decision coaching with the unique and complicated financial intricacies of divorce in mind.

Legal advisers offer the structure and guidance necessary to fashion agreements.

Divorce Financial Professionals offers the creative options, financial analysis and strategies necessary to ensure you obtain the most financially advantageous settlement possible.

  • We help you understand the short and long term financial consequences of settlement options.


  • We help level the playing field when you feel at a disadvantage due to lack of financial knowledge or experience.

  • We help gather the data needed to make fully informed decisions.

  • We help you and your mediator and/or attorney strategize and build creative options to complicated settlement issues.

  • We help build complete and accurate pictures of the family financial dynamic.


  • We help our clients plan for financial independence post-divorce and provide clarity for your financial future.

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